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Synergy Air Power Climber


Synergy Air Power Climber

SynergyAIR is an innovative and comprehensive range of ultra-heavy duty air displacement powered mechanical ergometers, designed to facilitate unprecedented strength and conditioning workout options that effectively cater for everyone, ranging from rehabilitation clients to high
performance elite athletes.• 1250 H x 900 W x 1250 L (mm)
Dimensions: W 900 X L 1250 X H 1250 (mm) 


  • Patented integrated continuous variable transmission
  • Weighted air displacement turbine with a variable gearing ratio range of 1:7 to 1:28
  • Power range of 5 watts @ 20 rpm to 44,000 watts @ 150 rpm
  • Multiple operational modes, including: » Total body arm/leg cycling; » Lower body cycling; » Upper body chest press and row action.

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