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Customise AdvaGym for your Facility

A beacon is placed in the gym’s reception. The beacon emits information about what gym the user is visiting. When a user has entered a facility with Advagym, the application will recognize the beacon and the gym. In the Advagym service, the member becomes a member of that gym and the application will download programs and exercises available for
that gym. Note! programs received when visiting other Advagym locations will not be deleted but remains in the application.

This is a powerful feature allowing the gym to have a premium and unique selection of exercises, programs and customized machines presented in the Advagym application. A member could be visiting several different locations in for instance a gym chain or when traveling and will receive the specific offering for each and one of the Advagym locations.

Beacons works with both Apple iPhone and Android phones and have a range of about 70 meters. Emitting a signal every 2 seconds, the user will barely notice when the beacon reaches the phone and the update happens instantly in the app. A beacon can be mounted in the reception area of the gym. In case there are additional sites at a certain gym, it is simply a matter of adding an extra beacon. With a battery time of 4 years, you can simply mount the beacon in the roof and forget about it, since it is fully self-sustainable.

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