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Web-Tool for Gym Owners & Staff


The web-tool has been developed to manage the Advagym service. Designed as a webbased application, the web-tool can be used with popular and well-known web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. The Web-tool can be used on stationary computers, laptops, tablets or even a smartphone making it a useful tool on the go for the staff at the facility.

The web-tool is a role-based cloud service meaning that different users can be assigned different roles and responsibilities in the system. The username and password are the same as the one used for the login to the Advagym application. The Web-tool can be used on the go by staff on the gym floor using their own phone or a tablet.


The Advagym web-tool contains all the tools needed to coach, follow and support the members in reaching their goals. The client tab contains a list of clients for the personal trainer currently logged in. The Personal trainer can invite new members, view their progress and send messages to them, coaching them directly in the app. The programs tab is a powerful feature allowing the gym to design its own programs but also the Personal trainers to create a set of individualized programs for the clients. The program designer is easy to use with a preview of the program before sharing with the members. The exercise tab allows the Personal trainer or gym to manage, create and assign exercises to members and zones across the facility. With the powerful copy function, both exercise and programs can be reused and distributed freely between facility and personal trainers to both machines and members.


The Gym tab contains all the necessary operations you can perform on a gym level.
Manage users, programs and exercises, connected equipment, utilization data and a utility
tab for inviting new members to the gym

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