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Advagym product overview

This product guide describes the Advagym service including our user app for smartphone, wireless sensors, beacons, web-tool and the installation application for setting up the hardware. Advagym is updated continuously with new content and features, so subscribe to the Advagym newsletter to get all the latest news. For additional information please contact us with the form below.

WHY Advagym



High churn is common in the industry and 30-40% is not unusual. New users sign up with an
ambition only to drop out after some weeks or months when they feel they failed to get tangible results because they are training on their own.

A study presented in Health Club Management 2014 pinpoints two key parameters for keeping members longer at a gym: the users’ progress, and communication between the gym and its members. Users who experience high progress are more likely to stay with a gym. Frequent and relevant communication between the gym and its members also lowers the risk of membership cancellation.

Advagym is based around those findings. It is a tool for engagement between the gym and its members, an experience designed to motivate and inspire the user to achieve success in their training and a long-term business for the gym.


Opens up a mass market
An increasing percentage of the members of a gym bring their phone to their workout.
Listening to music, staying in touch with social network and working out with apps. Advagym
is based around the phone to interact with the user for their workout.

Works on any gym
Advagym can distribute exercises and programs for any type of workout at the gym using
wireless pucks. The strength sensors can be installed on any pin-based strength machines.
Advagym can be retrofitted on existing machines and mounted during installation of new
machines. A full gym installation takes around 2- 4 hours depending on the size of the gym.

Open for a growing ecosystem
Advagym is made open and can share and receive data from other apps, services and
equipment. Advagym delivers a complete service for the members, staff, gym and partners


The sensors in Advagym run on batteries and are all wireless. The hardware has undergone the same level of testing that you would find for mobile phones and will endure the toughest conditions. The only requirement on the gym is a working wi-fi network.

Using hardware based on mobile technology, Advagym main unit Is capable of measuring speed, distance and reps 2 times/second with a duration of 2 years or 1.2 million reps using standard AA batteries. One observer is able to monitor 50 machines within 20 meters of range. The beacon will emit a radio signal every 2nd second and will last for 4 years on a standard coin-cell battery. The wireless puck offers a way to distribute customized exercises, programs and instructions for any type of workout at the gym with just a simple tap with the phone. The puck will last for 4 years using a standard coin-cell battery. Advagym have been designed to be scalable for commercial fitness.



 Advagym delivers on three main propositions and values for the gym, staff and members. Equip the member, coach to excel and optimize the gym. Subject to the profile of a facility, one or several of these values are relevant and applicable for their business.

Advagym equips the gym goers with an app and
supporting hardware to help them reach their
goals. Using an app to track the workout
motivates, inspires and makes it fun to exercise.
Advagym provides a great introduction to
members at a gym with training programs, real
time tracking, statistics and workout history.

Advagym offers a digital platform to coach the
members. Personal trainers can help the members
with personalized programs, follow their progress
and comment on their training. Advagym comes
with a web tool to invite and manage clients, share
programs, and communicate with the members.

Through the Advagym observer solution, a facility
can be monitored 24/7 and the data can be
reviewed in the web tool. The facility gets machine
utilization data showing the usage of every
machine in the facility, giving them fact for their
business decisions and a way to optimize the gym




Advagym is based on a cloud service connecting exercisers with gym equipment, training zones, programs and personal trainers.
The Advagym application connects it all using wireless pucks to connect with machine sensors, zones, programs and exercises and log the workouts. The web-tool is the dashboard for the service managing hardware, software, users and content. A special observer monitors the service 24/7 and collects data allowing the gym to optimize the facility based on actual usage. With a wireless beacon for the reception, the application can be customized with gym specific machines settings,
exercises and programs.

The Advagym service has been designed for commercial fitness with durable, low power wireless sensors. Using members’ own smartphones and a cloud service means Advagym is made available for a global market. All the data gets stored in the cloud, accessible by the user.
The software is automatically updated minimizing any downtime and the
hardware can be monitored remotely 24/7 on any device with a web browser.


An observer is centrally placed in the gym to pick up all the repetitions which are emitted from the main units on the machines. This is done independently of the members using the Advagym app and guarantees a 100% coverage of utilization data for the strength machines.

The web tool can visualize the degree of usage of the machines. A graph is shown for the facility showing the reps for each and one of the machines connected.
A date range can be selected to compare the usage over time. Especially after changes made at the facility. Using the data, the gym can take actions such as repositioning machines to increase availability, rotate the machines to manage the load or simply identify deviations that could be managed to optimize the gym. The observer is also there to monitor the battery status of the main units and to update the main units with new software when needed.


On the pin-based strength machines a main unit is mounted on the top weight stack. The main unit counts repetitions and measures the range of motion of the movement in the machine. The main unit is in sleep mode until motion is detected, preserving the battery and extending the usage time up to 2 years or 1.2 million reps before the battery needs to be replaced.

A puck is visibly mounted on the machine, associated with the main unit. When the user taps the puck with the phone, the user logs into the machine and all workout data is shared with the phone. A holder is placed on the machine for the user to place the phone during a
workout. The holder has transparent glass, so the real time feedback is visible for the user.


Many beginners are reluctant to enter the free weight areas since they don’t know how to do the exercises. On a zone puck exercises can be assigned. By tapping a zone puck, a user gets suggested exercises, with accompanying text and video instructions.

Zone pucks can for example be placed in the kettle bell area, the squat rack or the stretch mats. It is a way for a gym to guide its users and to instruct them how to do the exercises. The only limit on number of exercises available is the size of your exercise bank and your imagination. With Advagym both will grow


The Zone puck may include any type of exercise, including group training like Cross-fit, dance classes or stationary bike sessions. Mount a puck outside a studio to launch exercises like 10 minutes of HiiT or 45 minutes of stationary bike riding with instructions, videos and manual logging of the result.

Members can log all their classes and the personal trainer is able to review your full workout. As a bonus, the facility gets fully connected with one service connecting it all.


One of Advagym’s main functions is to connect with and track selected strength machines. This configuration comes with both a puck placed on the outside of the machine and a strength sensor that is placed on top of the weight stack.

The puck itself is not connected with the main unit but works as a trigger for the phone application to connect with the associated machine and download the correct exercise for that machine. The tracking of the workout itself is automatically started as soon as there is any movement detected in the sensor. E.g. when the users start to use the machine.


Advagym can distribute exercises and training programs for any kind of gym workout. Use the Zone puck to start a free weight, body weight, barbell, rings, cross fit or even a stretch exercise.

Tap the zone puck and you get instant instructions and videos for one or several exercises ready for the workout. Press start on the screen, perform the workout and log the results by tapping the workout screen.


Advagym has the capability to receive workout data from networked equipment. This is done by connecting with the service for the selected partner and equipment. Note! Data will only be shared with consent from the user.

Connecting with partner services or equipment can be done from the settings menu in the Advagym application, this is called ‘Connections’ in the menu. Once a new connection has been set up, all the data from your cardio workout will be added automatically to your workout history in Advagym.

AdvaGym APP



The Advagym app is available for both Android and IOS. The application
can be found on Google play for android phones version 5.0 and above
and Apple App Store for iPhones version IOS 11.0 and above
The Advagym application is available in selected languages like
Swedish, Danish, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch,
Spanish, German and Czech. Additional languages may be
added over time subject to market rollout.


When using the app for the first time, the member has the option to train without login by using a guest mode. Using the guest mode, you can start your workout immediately. Once the member has created a personal account, they will be able to benefit from the full experience with Advagym. The training history will be stored in the cloud allowing the user to change from one phone to another and receive training programs and coaching from personal trainers.

Home is the start screen for most users. Home contains a summary of your latest month, a training calendar, received messages from the gym and the most recent workouts performed. For an instant experience, there is a quick start button on the bottom right side that will open the workout screen for manual or automatic selection of exercises or
programs. Programs direct the users what to do during a workout session, and consist of exercises, number of reps and sets. A program can be a global Advagym program, a gym program, a personal trainer program or a personal program. A program can also consist of other
programs. Personal trainer programs are shared from a personal trainer and also consists of suggested weights for the member, along with the sets and reps.


Statistics show the statistics for all your workouts. Rather than looking at your training history by date, the statistics menu allows you to look at chest press, leg press or free weight training like pushups and follow the progress for that particular exercise or program. The Statistics tab shows the total number of workouts completed, Average duration, total weight lifted, total time in weight training. In case of cardio, the distance covered and the total time. A graph shows the metrics on a monthly basis for the last 5 months. Tap the graph and you can scroll through all the months by swiping sideways on the graph.
History contains the complete workout history with all the logged entries since starting to use the Advagym App. View all the workouts month by month and down to each session individually. For each entry in history there is total time, weight, sets and reps. If the exercise is recorded for a strength machine there will also be a range of motion entry recorded.

In the personal settings you can set your weight, plan your next workout and find out about other Advagym locations, your personal trainers and achievements based on your workouts. In the General section you can set the rest timer between sets. Turn on and off the sound cues and tempo indicator and manage your shared data and partner services. With the help menu you can watch a short tutorial and share some feedback to improve the service.




The web-tool has been developed to manage the Advagym service. Designed as a webbased application, the web-tool can be used with popular and well-known web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. The Web-tool can be used on stationary computers, laptops, tablets or even a smartphone making it a useful tool on the go for the staff at the facility.

The web-tool is a role-based cloud service meaning that different users can be assigned different roles and responsibilities in the system. The username and password are the same as the one used for the login to the Advagym application. The Web-tool can be used on the go by staff on the gym floor using their own phone or a tablet.


The Advagym web-tool contains all the tools needed to coach, follow and support the members in reaching their goals. The client tab contains a list of clients for the personal trainer currently logged in. The Personal trainer can invite new members, view their progress and send messages to them, coaching them directly in the app. The programs tab is a powerful feature allowing the gym to design its own programs but also the Personal trainers to create a set of individualized programs for the clients. The program designer is easy to use with a preview of the program before sharing with the members. The exercise tab allows the Personal trainer or gym to manage, create and assign exercises to members and zones across the facility. With the powerful copy function, both exercise and programs can be reused and distributed freely between facility and personal trainers to both machines and members.


The Gym tab contains all the necessary operations you can perform on a gym level.
Manage users, programs and exercises, connected equipment, utilization data and a utility
tab for inviting new members to the gym


With the coaching tools in Advagym, Personal trainers can share programs with the members, follow their progress and coach them directly in the Advagym application. A personal trainer is a good way to reach results. With Advagym, the Personal trainer can reach
new members and manage a group of members between meeting up at the gym.

Getting started with the coaching tool is easy. Start by creating a program for the member.
In the web-tool. Select one or several members and share the program. Once accepted the PT will be able to follow the progress of the members in the web-tool and can take necessary actions to coach and motivate the members.


A beacon is placed in the gym’s reception. The beacon emits information about what gym the user is visiting. When a user has entered a facility with Advagym, the application will recognize the beacon and the gym. In the Advagym service, the member becomes a member of that gym and the application will download programs and exercises available for
that gym. Note! programs received when visiting other Advagym locations will not be deleted but remains in the application.

This is a powerful feature allowing the gym to have a premium and unique selection of exercises, programs and customized machines presented in the Advagym application. A member could be visiting several different locations in for instance a gym chain or when traveling and will receive the specific offering for each and one of the Advagym locations.

Beacons works with both Apple iPhone and Android phones and have a range of about 70 meters. Emitting a signal every 2 seconds, the user will barely notice when the beacon reaches the phone and the update happens instantly in the app. A beacon can be mounted in the reception area of the gym. In case there are additional sites at a certain gym, it is simply a matter of adding an extra beacon. With a battery time of 4 years, you can simply mount the beacon in the roof and forget about it, since it is fully self-sustainable.

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