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Advagym APP


The Advagym app is available for both Android and IOS. The application
can be found on Google play for android phones version 5.0 and above
and Apple App Store for iPhones version IOS 11.0 and above
The Advagym application is available in selected languages like
Swedish, Danish, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch,
Spanish, German and Czech. Additional languages may be
added over time subject to market rollout.


When using the app for the first time, the member has the option to train without login by using a guest mode. Using the guest mode, you can start your workout immediately. Once the member has created a personal account, they will be able to benefit from the full experience with Advagym. The training history will be stored in the cloud allowing the user to change from one phone to another and receive training programs and coaching from personal trainers.

Home is the start screen for most users. Home contains a summary of your latest month, a training calendar, received messages from the gym and the most recent workouts performed. For an instant experience, there is a quick start button on the bottom right side that will open the workout screen for manual or automatic selection of exercises or
programs. Programs direct the users what to do during a workout session, and consist of exercises, number of reps and sets. A program can be a global Advagym program, a gym program, a personal trainer program or a personal program. A program can also consist of other
programs. Personal trainer programs are shared from a personal trainer and also consists of suggested weights for the member, along with the sets and reps.

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