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Statistics show the statistics for all your workouts. Rather than looking at your training history by date, the statistics menu allows you to look at chest press, leg press or free weight training like pushups and follow the progress for that particular exercise or program. The Statistics tab shows the total number of workouts completed, Average duration, total weight lifted, total time in weight training. In case of cardio, the distance covered and the total time. A graph shows the metrics on a monthly basis for the last 5 months. Tap the graph and you can scroll through all the months by swiping sideways on the graph.
History contains the complete workout history with all the logged entries since starting to use the Advagym App. View all the workouts month by month and down to each session individually. For each entry in history there is total time, weight, sets and reps. If the exercise is recorded for a strength machine there will also be a range of motion entry recorded.

In the personal settings you can set your weight, plan your next workout and find out about other Advagym locations, your personal trainers and achievements based on your workouts. In the General section you can set the rest timer between sets. Turn on and off the sound cues and tempo indicator and manage your shared data and partner services. With the help menu you can watch a short tutorial and share some feedback to improve the service.

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