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WHY Advagym


High churn is common in the industry and 30-40% is not unusual. New users sign up with an
ambition only to drop out after some weeks or months when they feel they failed to get tangible results because they are training on their own.

A study presented in Health Club Management 2014 pinpoints two key parameters for keeping members longer at a gym: the users’ progress, and communication between the gym and its members. Users who experience high progress are more likely to stay with a gym. Frequent and relevant communication between the gym and its members also lowers the risk of membership cancellation.

Advagym is based around those findings. It is a tool for engagement between the gym and its members, an experience designed to motivate and inspire the user to achieve success in their training and a long-term business for the gym.


Opens up a mass market
An increasing percentage of the members of a gym bring their phone to their workout.
Listening to music, staying in touch with social network and working out with apps. Advagym
is based around the phone to interact with the user for their workout.

Works on any gym
Advagym can distribute exercises and programs for any type of workout at the gym using
wireless pucks. The strength sensors can be installed on any pin-based strength machines.
Advagym can be retrofitted on existing machines and mounted during installation of new
machines. A full gym installation takes around 2- 4 hours depending on the size of the gym.

Open for a growing ecosystem
Advagym is made open and can share and receive data from other apps, services and
equipment. Advagym delivers a complete service for the members, staff, gym and partners


The sensors in Advagym run on batteries and are all wireless. The hardware has undergone the same level of testing that you would find for mobile phones and will endure the toughest conditions. The only requirement on the gym is a working wi-fi network.

Using hardware based on mobile technology, Advagym main unit Is capable of measuring speed, distance and reps 2 times/second with a duration of 2 years or 1.2 million reps using standard AA batteries. One observer is able to monitor 50 machines within 20 meters of range. The beacon will emit a radio signal every 2nd second and will last for 4 years on a standard coin-cell battery. The wireless puck offers a way to distribute customized exercises, programs and instructions for any type of workout at the gym with just a simple tap with the phone. The puck will last for 4 years using a standard coin-cell battery. Advagym have been designed to be scalable for commercial fitness.

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