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SFE X-Load

XL1014 Triceps Extension

Up to GB 17498 national standards, and the EU
EN20957 standard,Use advanced ergonomic
principles, make various parts of the exercise to the
Dimensions: 1853 L X 1415 W X 1058 H (mm)
Product weight: 153 kg 


  • No weight design makes the equipment safer and easier to use, allowing the exerciser to experience the free strength training of the anhydride
  • The frame is made of 70 * 140 * 4mm rectangular tube, providing excellent stability for the equipment
  • The yellow mark on the cushion shows the correct position of the body, making the adjustment easier and the training is more effective
  • The high density foam padding provides a high level of comfort as-well as not compromising the  stability of the machine throughout every movement
  • Exercise parts: triceps

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