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S2-2-SQC Squat Calf

Synergy2 is a complete range of plate loaded machines, incorporating unilateral converging/diverging designs, complemented with an extensive range of heavy duty racks and benches.
Dimensions: 1560 L x 1535 W x 1738 H (mm)


  • Dual operation – Squat and Standing Calf
  • Compact Design
  • One to one lift ratio
  • Swivel Shoulder pads, contoured to support you through the full range of movement
  • Adjustable feet to ensure the machine can be perfectly balanced on any floor surface
  • Dynamic variable resistance
  • Designed to allow start of exercise from standing position
  • Adjustable starting height
  • Large squatting platform for variable foot positioning
  • Stainless steel plate storage pins

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