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SFE X-Load

XL1003 Shoulder Press

The XL1003 Shoulder Press has the quick select system for smooth and transitional change for the user, ergonomic handles provide a sense of style to this machine, enhancing the overall appearance of your gym
Dimensions: 1390 L X 1250 W X 1510 H (mm)
Product Weight: 150 kg


  • Heavy duty 4mm steel for the toughest of workouts
  • Ergonomic design for a pure and natural movement
  • Free weight design for ultimate freedom in strength and weight selection
  • High visibility markers for quick selection adjustment of padding and comfort
  • Uni-lateral and bi-lateral movements
  • Easy and fast adjustment points
  • Ergonomic multi position and adjustable angle handles make this machine work at maximum efficiency 
  • The high density foam padding provides a high level of comfort whilst maintaining the stability of the machine throughout every movement

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