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Pin-Loaded Functional Trainer Dap

SynergyDUAL is the ultimate intuitive, space efficient and user friendly ‘get on and go’ range of heavy duty pin loaded machines combining 2 machines together allowing for dual operation encompassing intuitive functionality, low profile design and space efficient foot prints. Patented modular design mixes and matches seamlessly with the Synergy Infinity AND Alpha range.


  • Dual adjustable height pulleys combined with an adjustable back support allows for the ultimate in effective exercise variations
  • Upper body compound exercises performed from ‘ground level’ position encouraging total body stabilisation and enhanced functional transfer
  • Pulley height positioning allows performance of effective, user defined, converging arc, upper body pressing exercises (including flat, incline, decline and overhead presses)
  • Adjustable feet to ensure the machine can be perfectly balanced on any floor surface
  • Designed to allow start of exercise from standing position

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